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Article 13 FAQs


Article 13 - Teacher Duty Day
Questions and Answers

Q. Is there a general rule of thumb for what counts in a principal's 25% and what doesn't?

A. If the principal is requiring an activity, and there is a consequence for not participating, the event should count in the principal's 25%. If the principal is recommending, suggesting, or encouraging participation in an activity, but it's up to the teacher to decide, and there is no consequence for opting out, the event does not count in the principal's 25%.


Q. If participating in a CCL group is a requirement in my building, and there are required readings as part of the CCL, shouldn't the needed reading time be part of my principal's 25%?

A. Unless other accommodations are made for required reading time as part of required CCL participation, yes, the reading time should count in the principal's 25%. Principals should determine a specific number of minutes they believe the reading should require and include those minutes in their weekly 25% calculation. If principals do not want to count reading time as part of their 25%, some accommodations might be: 1) work with the DOI's Professional Learning department to offer credit for professional reading to be completed outside of the duty day (similar to book studies), or 2) don't require the reading.



Q. My principal asks us to participate on at least one committee each year. If the committee meets during the duty day, shouldn't that count towards the principal's 25%? If the committee meets after the duty day, shouldn't that count as part of paragraph 16 (one, 1-hour meeting per month) or paragraph 17 (six, 2-hour meetings per year)?

A. To answer this question, it's important to be clear on whether the principal is "asking" or "requiring." Principals can and do ask teachers to be involved in the activities of the school beyond the classroom. However, if the participation is not required, and there is no consequence, the principal does not need to count the activity as part of 25%, paragraph 16 or 17. If the participation is required, and there is a consequence for not participating, the activity should count in either the 25%, paragraph 16 or 17.


Q. Are staffings part of the teacher's 75% or the princpal's 25%?

A. Teachers have professional responsibilities to participate in special education staffings, child study teams, and performance evaluation conferences.  These activities are part of the teacher's 75%.


Q. If a teacher is being compensated for a principal required activity, is that part of the principal's 25%?

A. If a teacher is being compensated for a principal required activity during noncontact time, it does not count towards the principal's 25%.  A specific example is when a teacher is paid to cover another class during noncontact time when a substitute was requested by an absent teacher but was not available.


Q. If a principal arranges for coverage during a teacher's instructional time so that the teacher attends an activity required by the principal, does that count toward the principal's 25%?

A. Principal required activities made possible through coverage during contact (instructional) time does not count toward the principal's 25%.




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