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HR Annual Report

KES-Absence Reporting

Aurora Public Schools has partnered with Kelly Educational Services for the management of substitute services.

For administrators and employees, you can access AESOP at
Your username and password will remain the same.

For new users your login is your 10 digit phone number that is listed in Oracle and your initial password is 9 plus the last four digits of your social security number



Administrative Guide                                                                                   
Content includes:                                                                                           
Access to the System                                                                                    
Entering an absence                                                                                      
Modifying an absence                                                                                  
View Preferred Subs                                                                                     
View Daily Report                                                                                           
View Day of Week Absence Analysis                                                      
View the Absence Summary Report                                                       
View the Absentee Report                                                                         
View the Employee Register                                                                      
View the Absence Interactice Report                                                    
Change you PIN
Approve/Reject timesheets
View the Timesheet Summary Report
Manage time approvers
Obtain Assistance
Monitor Absences

Aesop Absence Approvals                                                                          
Content Includes:                                                                                           
Changes to the Approval Process for APS                                            
Employee View                                                                                                               
Approver’s View                                                                                             
Timeline for Denying an Absence                                                            
Absence Approval  Status Report            



Employee Quick Start Guide
Content Includes:
Aesop Internet Features
Aesop Phone Features

Employee User Guide
Content Includes:
Recording/Modifying  Absences
Viewing History
Preferred Subs
Internet/Phone/Web Features

Timesheet Approval
Content Includes:
Change in Procedure
Substitute Timesheet Submittal
Email Notification
Timesheet List View
Individual Timesheet Detail
How to Reject a Timesheet
Individual Approved Timesheet
Timesheet List After Rejection/Approval
Approving Multiple Timesheets
Arranging an Alternate Approver
Changing Timesheet Approvers



Click here for Kelly Educational Staffing Contact information

Click here to access the employee Aesop video training

Click here for General Absence Information

Click here for KES Additional Information

Click here for Substitute Evaluation Form



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