The Aurora Public Schools (APS) participates in the Two Year Alternative Licensure Program through Metropolitan State University of Denver.  Additionally, the ASPIRE To Teach Program through the University of Colorado, provides a one year non-degree certificate program.  

Aurora Public Schools only considers Alternative Teacher candidates in the following areas: Special Education, Math, Foreign Language and Science.


To be eligible to become an Alternative Teacher, candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree and one of the following:  

a.  Documented evidence of 24 semester hours of college level coursework from a regionally accredited college or university.  The 24 semester hours must be in the content area the candidate desires to teach.


b.  A passing score on the approved Colorado content area assessment.  For consideration by APS, that content must match high needs subject areas such as Math, Foreign Language and Science. 

Candidates interested in Special Education must pass the Elementary Education PLACE or Praxis II exam.

All candidates must have a Statement of Eligibility from the Colorado Department of Education in order for APS to consider their application to the program.  To obtain the Statement of Eligibility, a candidate must complete and submit an application for an Alternative Teaching License to the Colorado Department of Education, along with documented evidence of 24 semester hours in the content area or a passing score on the PLACE or PRAXIS II exam in the subject area the candidate desires to teach. 


Application Procedure

To apply for a teaching position via the Two Year Alternative Licensure Program or ASPIRE To Teach, please complete an Application for Licensed Employment. Once the application has been authorized, the applicant may apply for open positions. If hired to fill a position, Aurora Public Schools will at that time enroll you in the Two Year Alternative Licensure Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver or the ASPIRE To Teach Program at the University of Colorado .

Please Note: The Aurora Public Schools is required to hire licensed candidates. The district will review applications only after the licensed candidate pool has been exhausted.

Additional Information

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver tuition for the first year of the program is approximately $5,100

  • University of Colorado cost for the ASPIRE to Teach program is $5,000 plus $200 technology, text and materials fee for the first year.  Please note that the ASPIRE to teach program is a non-credit and non-degree certificate program.  ASPIRE is not eligible for financial aid in the Alternative Licensure Program.  However, ASPIRE does offer a post MA degree to ASPIRE program graduates.  Candidates can contact the University for more details.

Please see the Colorado Department of Education Web site for more information on the Two Year Alternative Program.