Acculturation Activities Handled by Sites

Acquiring supplies secretary Equipment training building peer
Assigning a building peer principal/site admin Explain daily tasks principal/site admin
Beginning of year procedures principal/site admin First aid/CPR principal/site admin
Building tour/orientation building peer/secretary School/Support site calendar secretary
Duty hours principal/site admin Security (keys, codes) secretary
Emergency procedures principal/site admin Site employee handbook principal/site admin
End of year procedures principal/site admin Where to get questions answered building peer

Acculturation Activities Handled by District

AESOP Absence Reporting Intranet (APS Staff Google login required)
Agreement for Services Job Descriptions
Benefits Licensed Handbook
Bloodborne Pathogens Life Insurance
Child Abuse Awareness Long Term Disability
Classified Handbook New Employee Checklist
District Maps Nondiscrimination/Nonharassment Awareness
District Policies Oracle Self-Service Time cards
Employee Assistance Program Orientation- currently unavailable
Evaluations Paid Holidays (APS Staff Google login required)
FAQ PERA (Public Employee Retirement Association)
HR Forms Restraint Training (check with Exceptional Student Services)
HR News Voicemail
HR Index Web Applications 
Infinite Campus  Workers Compensation