The Human Resources Team

The Human Resources Team

HR Director School and Division Support Assignments

 HR School and Division Support

HR Organizational Chart 

HR Offices

  • Benefits- Manages medical/dental/life insurance, retirement options and the Employee Assistance Program.  Ext. 28073 or 28038
  • Leave of Absence- Leave of absence for medical, maternity or formal study.  Ext. 28072
  • Classified Employment- Main contact for classified applicants.  Ext. 28016
  • Compensation- Creates and maintains payroll records for employees.  Licensed employees = Ext. 28066 or Ext. 28039.  Classified employees = Ext. 29023 or Ext. 28040.
  • Employee Services- Manages transcripts, CDE licenses, and employee IDs.  Ext. 28030 or Ext. 29021
  • Licensed Employment- The main contact for licensed and Admin/PT applicants.  Ext. 28033
  • Personnel Systems- Supports the absence reporting system and manages HR related reports for the district and the Colorado Department of Education.  Ext. 28062