The information below is for employees that will continue to use AESOP and Kelly Services for absence reporting.  If you are not in a position that is identified as needing a substitute, you will enter your absences through Oracle Cloud.  For further instructions on using Oracle Cloud visit our Application Support Site

Aurora Public Schools has partnered with Kelly Educational Services for the management of substitute services.

Report an Absence that Needs a Substitute

For new users, click here and follow the steps to set up your Frontline account


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Kelly® Education is proud to partner with Aurora Public Schools to provide exceptional Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional support grades P-12.   We’re a company that invests in our employees, recognizes their achievements, and is committed to the noble purpose of educating our youth.

We have limitless opportunities for passionate people to inspire, support, and set students up for success.  You’ll have the option to work in the schools of your choice, to take steady work every day of the school week, or to create a flexible schedule that works around your other life commitments.

Substitute Employee Interest Form

Administrative Guide
Content includes:

  • Access to the System
  • Entering an absence
  • Modifying an absence
  • View Preferred Subs
  • View Daily Report
  • View Day of Week Absence Analysis
  • View the Absence Summary Report
  • View the Absentee Report
  • View the Employee Register
  • View the Absence Interactive Report
  • Change you PIN
  • Approve/Reject timesheets
  • View the Timesheet Summary Report   

Aesop Absence Approvals
Content Includes:

  • Changes to the Approval Process for APS
  • Employee View
  • Approver’s View
  • Timeline for Denying an Absence
  • Absence Approval  Status Report


Access Origami to submit feedback on a Kelly Education Services Employee.  Click here for further instructions on how to use Origami and submit feedback





Employee Reference Guide
Content Includes:

  • Creating an Absence
  • Requesting a Long Term Sub
  • Substitute Injury
  • Sub Sing-In Report
  • Fulfillment Support Team
  • Reporting an Incident
  • Contact Information
  • Home Page Guide

Employee User Guide
Content Includes:

  • Accessing the system
  • Recording an absences
  • Viewing your absence history
  • Managing absences
  • Preferred subs
  • Updating your profile

Timesheet Approval
Content Includes:

  • Change in Procedure
  • Substitute Timesheet Submittal
  • Email Notification
  • Timesheet List View
  • Individual Timesheet Detail
  • How to Reject a Timesheet
  • Individual Approved Timesheet
  • Timesheet List After Rejection/Approval
  • Approving Multiple Timesheets
  • Arranging an Alternate Approver
  • Changing Timesheet Approvers


Contact Information

Point of Contact When to Contact Hours Phone/Email
Fulfillment Support

Assist with Filling
Absences and Long-Term needs

Long Term Sub Form

1-800-714-3076 (Option 1)
Job Placement and Talent Team

Creating, modifying,
or canceling absences in Frontline Absence

Contact for Substitute employees,
Filling Absences, assisting with Long Term needs,
incident Reporting (Injuries or performance of


1-800-714-3076 (Option 1)

Recruiting Candidate interested in becoming
a substitute teacher and they have not
contacted Kelly Education before.
  1-800-714-3076 (Option 2)
Onboarding Substitute candidates currently
working through the process.
  1-800-714-3076 (Option 2)
Account Manager General Request,
Incidents, Long Terms,
(303) 547-1707
Medcor If a substitute injures
themselves at your
24/7 (800) 775-5866