New and Transferring Employees

Many schools and departments have well-developed processes for helping new employees to feel welcome and to understand their responsibilities, as well as district and building procedures. These processes allow new staff members to be productive early on in their employment. The following guidelines are suggestions for the minimum that should be provided for new employees and are not meant to replace processes that are already in place.

When employees start at locations that are new to them, the following steps can make for a smooth acculturation process.

  1. A map of the building, a staff directory, an employee handbook and an emergency procedures handbook (APS Staff Google login required) should be given to all new employees.
  2. The employee's supervisor should meet with the new employee as soon as possible to specify expectations, provide the employee with a job description and to review the performance evaluation process.
  3. A building tech facilitator should train the new employee in logging into the computer system and in using email and other applications as needed.
  4. Although the district doesn't have a formal mentoring program for classified employees, an in-building peer who consistently meets performance standards should be assigned to help the new employee become familiar with job duties and building procedures.
  5. If no one in the building has the same or a similar job, a district peer who is meeting performance standards can be assigned to answer questions that can't be addressed by the building peer. (Contact Carolyn Lamb, ext. 28053, for help finding appropriate classified staff members.)

Beyond these basic steps, the Classified Professional Development Workgroup has developed a comprehensive list of acculturation activities and resources. The list is divided into those activities and resources that are made available by the district and those that are best offered by supervisors, secretaries or building peers.

We encourage supervisors to use these resources as appropriate to support new employees.