• Timecards
    • ALL staff (except Nutrition, Custodial and Transportation report leave in the KES- Absence Reporting
    • All classified employees report work hours in Oracle. No leave hours should be reported directly in Oracle (except by classified employees in Nutrition, Custodial, and Transportation)
    • Classified employees report all work hours with Oracle Self Service Time.
    • The employee's supervisor is legally responsible for approving those hours.
    • At most sites, a trusted classified employee (usually the supervisor's secretary) handles the approvals using Worklist Access.
    • Instructions for Self-Service Timecards
    • Instructions for approving Oracle Self Service Timecards
    • Licensed and Administrative/Professional Technical Employees do NOT use Oracle Self Service Time to report work hours. Some may use it to approve time for classified employees
  • Reports- Oracle reports available to APS HR End User


AppliTrack vs Change Form- When to use which application

AppliTrack- initiator differs

Change forms- initiated by site

New Hires- Initiated by Site

Grade Changes

Transfers- Initiated by Site

Costing Only

OYO Rehires- Initiated by Site

Hours change

Resignations- initiated by Asst. to CPO

Position Title- job not posted and initiated by site

Placements- initiated by Director

Location change- ESS Licensed Employees and Custodians only

Leave of Absence- initiated by LOA Office

Days/Calendar change

Reclassification- initiated by Coordinator from OHEMS studies

Range (moving to a lower position only)


















APEX Applications