Oracle Reports Available to APS HR End User

Reports to Determine which Employees Should Be Evaluated this Year

  • Classified
    • Online demonstration of the Oracle report process for determining which classified employees should be evaluated this year.
    • Printable Version

Leave Reports

APS HR Leave Accrual Report -- Archive Version

  • Run the same way as the two above. This report will give you year to date accruals for all employees at your site. This is useful when supervisors want data about leave. Do not use SFE for monthly or quarterly reports. The data in SFE is not final. Use Oracle for monthly, quarterly and yearly leave data.

Weekly Timecard Report (Online Demonstration)

View step by step instructions for school and departmental offices to view work and leave hours entered with Oracle Self Service timecards.

Approving Timecards

View step by step instructions on how to approve, reject and designate timecards.