Our Schools

Aurora Public Schools is the sixth largest district in Colorado.  Currently there are

  • 4 Early Childhood Education Centers
  • 28 Elementary Schools
  • 7 P-8 Schools
  • 1 6-12 School
  • 6 Middle Schools
  • 7 High Schools
  • 1 Technical College

Visit our interactive map where you can find out more information on each individual school, such as highlights, school data, demographics and more.

Our Students

Aurora Public Schools has more than 40,000 students who come from over 130 countries and speak more than 130 languages.  The demographic breakdown of our student is:

  • Asian: 4.6%
  • Black: 18.5%
  • Hispanic: 54.5%
  • Native American: .08%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: .06%
  • White: 16.6%
  • Two or More Races: 4.4%
  • Free/Reduced Lunch: 71.3%
  • Special Education: 10.4%
  • English Language Learners: 35.9%

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of employees that are passionate about our kids, who recognize each students unique needs and abilities and recognizes our strength in diversity.  Below is a summary of our employee demographics and accomplishments:

Staff Demographics

  • Female: 71.57%
  • Male: 26.43%
  • Masters Degree: 31.07%
  • Bachelors Degree: 23.15%
  • Doctorate: 1.27%
  • Specialist: .28%
  • Other: 16.74%
  • American Indian: 1.16%
  • Asian: 3.01%
  • Black: 10.81%
  • Hawaiian: .19%
  • Hispanic: 19.74%
  • White: 61.97%

Staff Accomplishments

  • 2019 Colorado Superintendent of the Year
  • Every Senior at Aurora West College Preparatory Academy 100% graduation rate for the Class of 2018
  • Center of Excellence Award- Century Elementary and Vega Collegiate Academy
  • John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award- Aurora Quest K-8
  • 2018 Outstanding School Nurse for Students in a Specialty Area- Linda Wood


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Every student

shapes a

successful future.



Our MISSION describes our purpose: In partnership with our community, we accelerate learning for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character necessary to shape successful futures.


Core Beliefs

  • Every student has unique abilities that we must recognize and engage.
  • A district with students at its center provides an adaptable and responsible foundation for learning.
  • Student and staff safety is essential to our vision and mission.
  • Students, families, staff and community members share the responsibility for student achievement.
  • Student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team.
  • Students take an active and ongoing responsibility for their learning.
  • Families are our partners in education.
  • Community partnerships provide vital resources and opportunities for students and families.
  • All students must have equitable access to learning opportunities, technology and environments that support them in reaching their full potential
  • Diversity is a strength in our community.

The employees of the Aurora Public Schools (APS) play a vital role in executing the mission, vision and strategic plan (APS 2020) of the school district on behalf of its students and the citizens of Aurora.  As such, a human capital strategy has been developed to manage the workforce in a district-wide, integrated planning and implementation process that remains current with research and best practices, allows for proactive responses to anticipated environmental and programmatic changes, and seeks to continuously maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Human Resource (HR) service delivery.

Human Capital Strategy Pillars

View the full Human Capital Strategy

Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Talent Utilization

Recruitment Processes

Pipeline Development

Selection, Hiring and Onboarding

Marketing and Advertising

Social Media

Employee Referral and Incentives


Coaching and Mentoring


Teacher Leadership

School Leadership

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Urban Schools Focus

Performance Management

Professional Development

Engagement and Retention

Employee Recognition

Employee Engagement

Employee Wellness

Strategic Retention



Succession Planning


APS Organizational Structure

Budget Development and Resource Allocation Methodology

Human Resources Organizational Structure

Enterprise Resource Planning Infrastructure

Policies, Practices and Collective Bargaining Agreement


Benefits are an important part of our total compensation package.  Here at Aurora Public Schools we offer a variety of benefits options to provide the best care to both our employees and their families. Below is list of some of our employee and employer paid benefits.

APS also has additional valuable programs such as Employee Assistance Program, Health and Wellness and others through Cigna including healthy rewards, identity theft, will preparation and secure travel.  For more information you can visit our Benefits website at https://hr.aurorak12.org/benefits/.

Job Description Review Cycle Information

Each year Aurora Public Schools participates in an annual job description and salary comparison review in order to remain competitive in the metro-area market.  APS uses Oehm Consulting Services (OCS), a reputable third-party consultant, to perform an impartial market analysis and to present objective data and recommendations.

As part of the job description review process, APS asks employees and supervisors to review the most recent job description and suggest changes according to current practices, education, license requirements, etc. The edited job descriptions are submitted to OCS for salary market surveys.  Oehm’s provides data and recommendations based on comparisons of metro area districts similar in student population and demographics.

The following factors are considered when analyzing job descriptions:

  • Minimum experience
  • Minimum education
  • Essential duties and responsibilities based on the frequency and percentage of time allocated to the duty.
  • Supervisory duties

The final decisions of salary adjustments are made by the Division of Human Resources in collaboration with division heads. Human Resources looks for a trend of 2-3 consecutive years of at least 5% above or below market of the position’s mid-point salary range before considering an adjustment.If there are adjustments to job descriptions and/or salary ranges, they are normally applied at the beginning of the following contract year.

Job descriptions in the following areas will be reviewed in the corresponding school years:

2019 - 2020

  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Planning/Construction
  • Security
  • Information Technology
  • Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions


  • Nutrition Services
  • Secretarial/Clerical
  • Accountability and Research
  • Budget and Finance
  • Communications
  • Division of the Superintendent
  • Grants Office
  • Human Resources
  • Transportation
  • Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions

2021 – 2022

  • Paraeducators, Educational Assistants, Campus Monitors, Family Liaisons, and other related jobs
  • Division of Equity in Learning
  • Print Services
  • Pickens Technical College
  • Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions

Current Salary Schedule

Licensed Salary Schedule- New for the 2020-21 School Year
Beginning the 2020-21 school year, a new salary schedule shall be implemented for all licensed staff. Returning teachers, with lower ten-year cumulative earnings from SY 2020-21 to SY 2029-30, are able to elect to remain on the current schedule or move to the new salary schedule.  The decision to transition to the new or remain on the old salary schedule is a one-time, non-revocable election.

The following calculator can be used to view compensation under the current salary schedule and the new schedule to help those who are eligible to decide between the two.

Previous Salary Schedules

Often times we fill out an application and then think, now what?  Who will reach out and what will the next steps look like?  Below we have broken down what Aurora Public School's hiring process looks like from start to finish based on job classification.
When filling out the initial application our FAQ may help when trying to troubleshoot some issues as well as provide contacts for those in Human Resources that can assist further.


Master Agreement

Follow the link below to view the Agreement between the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education and the Aurora Education Association.

June 1, 2015 - June 30, 2022 Master Agreement 

District Policies

Policies become effective immediately upon adoption by the Board of Education. Regulations are effective on the date on which they are posted to the district website.

Below are the staff personnel policies, click here for the full list of policies