This application is for Athletic Coaching positions ONLY. This includes head and assistant coaches.



Those wishing to apply for other types of positions must complete a separate application. Information on all application is available at the How to Apply page.





NEW applicants, our online application will take you through four steps.

Step 1 - Create login name and password
Step 2 - Complete information
  • Only first name, last name and social security number are required to proceed. This is a secure site. All data transmissions are encrypted. Your information cannot be viewed or captured.
  • If you enter your e-mail address you can receive immediate notifications.
  • It is not necessary to complete all items at one sitting. If you need more information or run out of time, you can return later to enter the remaining items.
  • You can check online to see which items need completion at any time.
  • There are several sections: General Information, Education, Work Experience, Legal, Releases, and Additional Information.
Step 3 - Completion

Once you have provided all of the items necessary for a complete application, you can select from specific current job postings that interest you. Supervisors seeking qualified candidates will be informed of your interest and may contact you for interviews.

You can check online to see if your application is complete at any time.

  • To be considered for a position, you must:
  • Complete the online application.
  • Interviews are generally held at the school or building where the vacancy exists. If you are selected for an interview, you can bring copies of your resume and 3 current letters of recommendation with you and turn them in to your interviewer(s). Following the interview, the school administrator contacts Human Resources and indicates level of interest in your candidacy.
  • If the administrator wishes to hire you, Human Resources will contact you to discuss the position, salary, benefits, etc.
  • Human Resources will keep your application on file for another 12 months and may contact you again if a similar position becomes available.
You're Hired!
If you accept an offer made to you, it is time to visit the Employment Office, located in the ESC-4, 1085 Peoria Street, Aurora, CO, to fill out the required paperwork before you can begin employment. Paperwork includes a W-4 Form, an I-9 Form, PERA enrollment form, and other benefits information. You will receive written notification of the next steps for our employment and how to complete them in 1-2 weeks after you verbally accept an offer of employment. If you wish to complete the process prior to receiving the written notification, please contact the Classified Employment Office at 303-344-8060, ext. 28016 for instructions or stop in and collect the necessary paperwork. PLEASE NOTE: HIRING IS CONTINGENT ON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A BACKGROUND CHECK. 

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