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Job Description Review Cycle Information

Each year Aurora Public Schools participates in an annual job description and salary comparison review in order to remain competitive in the metro-area market.  These job description and salary studies are conducted by Oehm Consulting Services (OCS), which conducts similar studies for 30 other Colorado school districts.  APS uses this third-party consultant to perform an impartial market analysis and to present objective data and recommendations.   Furthermore, OCS has the experience, training, and databases to support the results of the market process.

APS began this process of using a consulting firm in 1996.  At that time Human Resources met with representatives from OCS, the Classified Employee Council, and the School Executives of Aurora to develop the job description review process and present it to the Board of Education for action. 

As part of the job description review process, APS job incumbents and supervisors review each job description on a three-year cycle.  During the review cycle year, employees and supervisors review the most recent job description and suggest changes according to current practices, education, license requirements, etc. The edited job descriptions are submitted to OCS for salary market surveys.  Oehm’s provides data and recommendations based on comparisons of metro area districts similar in student population and demographics.  When conducting a review, OCS gathers information from job descriptions, job postings, and/or through direct contact with a Human Resources representative.  The districts that APS is compared to in the market surveys include: Adams 12, Adams 14, Boulder Valley, Cherry Creek, Denver, Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Littleton.  Many metro municipalities and government institutions are also included when applicable.  In the spring of 2009, HR met with representatives from OCS, the Classified Employee Council, and the School Executives of Aurora to review the current process.  At that meeting it was determined that APS should now include Adams 50 and Brighton in market comparisons.

The following factors are considered when analyzing job descriptions:

  • Minimum experience
  • Minimum education
  • Essential duties and responsibilities based on the frequency and percentage of time allocated to the duty.  Jobs are considered a “match” if at least 70% of the essential duties align with marketed position.
  • Supervisory duties

The final decisions of salary adjustments are made by the Division of Human Resources in collaboration with division heads.  Human Resources looks for a trend of 2-3 consecutive years of at least 5% above or below market of the position’s mid-point salary range before considering an adjustment.  If a trend of being either above or below market is found, Human Resources meets with the appropriate division head to review the results and determine if adjustments are warranted.  If there are adjustments to job descriptions and/or salary ranges, they are normally applied at the beginning of the following contract year.   

The mid-point of the range is used as the comparison for two primary reasons.   First, it equalizes the districts’ different compensation systems that may have wide percentage swings between minimum and maximum salaries within a range and/or within steps.  The mid-point is averaged by the minimum and maximum of the ranges, therefore making it a more accurate comparison.  Secondly, OCS recommends that decisions be made based on where most employees are impacted.  On average, most employees across all salary schedules are near the mid point of their range. 

Job descriptions in the following areas will be reviewed in the corresponding school years:


Nutrition Services
Accountability and Research
Budget and Finance
Division of the Superintendent
Grants Office
Human Resources
Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions


2018 – 2019
Paraeducators, Educational Assistants, Campus Monitors, Family Liaisons, and other related jobs
Division of Equity in Learning
Print Services 
Pickens Technical College
Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions


2019 - 2020
Maintenance and Operations
Information Technology
Related Administrative and Professional/Technical positions