Current Salary Schedule


Previous Salary Schedules


Salary Portability

New licensed employees will be given up to ten years salary credit for previous work experience.

The Aurora Public Schools' Division of Human Resources determines an individual's salary schedule placement. Teachers and licensed employees will be given salary credit for up to ten (10) years of qualified outside experience within the preceding fifteen (15) years on a one-year-for-one-year basis. The school district only recognizes previous experience when all of the following apply for a particular year's assignment.

The licensed employee:

  1. Was contracted and paid on a salary basis
  2. Worked as a teacher for an accredited K-12 educational institution
  3. Worked 90 or more consecutive workdays
  4. Worked half-time or more of full teacher's schedule
  5. Had or was eligible for a state department teaching license or authorization

Internships, student teaching, substituting, on-call, or contracts with salaries and benefits less than what a regularly contracted teacher would receive do not qualify.

Student services specialists, i.e. audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language specialists, nurses, social workers and psychologists will be granted outside experience for state, agency or private clinical or hospital employment only if they were appropriately licensed and half or more of their primary responsibilities involved K-12 age students. Additionally criteria 1, 3 and 4 above must also apply.

For more information on this and other teacher salary questions, please contact the Licensed Employment office via phone: 303-344-8060 ext. 28033 or email.